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Glass Tiles

Pavé is a certified Trend retailer and has access to their entire catalogue of glass tiles, mosaics and pool tiles.

Trend Group has earned a reputation as the forerunner of market research, new tendencies and product development. As one of the world’s leading producers of coloured glass, Venetian enamel, gold leaf tesserae and engineered stone surfaces, Trend Group has demonstrated a unique ability to synthesise the essential principles of Italian tradition with the dynamic creativity of today’s most celebrated designers, architects and artists.

Many of the glass mosaics come in mixed shade blends making it easier to choose a colour palette. Alternatively we can also create a shade blend to the colourings and tones you like. The mosaics come in a few different sizes with 2x2cm or 1x1cm being the most popular. Should you wish to have produced a custom art replication in glass mosaics this can also be produced. Our handmade artist collection is created in Italy by artisans who hand cut and glue each piece to create your final masterpiece.

Talk to us today about how can customise a beautiful glass mosaic for your next project or utilise glass in your bathroom or kitchen design