Beautiful Styling: with Pavé Tiles

We loved working with Mecca Cosmetica for their social media network to produce beautiful photos against our stunning tiles. The range featured is our Treverkhome timber porcelain tile, and it is the perfect mix of a natural element alongside luxurious products.

At Pave Tile Co, we have a range of porcelain and ceramic decor tiles that can make your next project not only timeless, but can also add a wow factor to your space. From natural timber looking tiles, to large format marble and stone interpretations, we have a variety of European tiles to suit your needs and budget.

Our best tips for picking tiles include:

  • Pick your tiles first- once you pick the foundation and base, you can start to incorporate other elements to bring together a room eg: lighting, tapware and vanities.
  • Do not use more than 2-3 tiles in a space– keep it simple, sometimes less is more particularly when it comes to tiles. Avoid conflicting components in an environment.
  • Stick to one wow factor- be it one feature wall in a pattern or shape, or simply the use of one large format tile to create a continuous look which allows other pieces in the room to stand out.
  • Consider scale– it is often thought that you should use small tiles for small rooms, that is a myth. Large format tiles can work in a small space as it gives the allusion of a seamless and uninterrupted look- in turn this makes the room appear larger than it actually is given the elimination of grout lines.