PP Level Duo

Patented technology providing the possibility to choosing between fixed and self levelling head in an instant, directly during the installation. Fully integrated system ensuring waterproofing membrane is maintained. In additional to simplifying the activity of installation, PPL level Duo subsititues the double stock of supports with fixed and self levelling head. Full track system and wind systems available on request.


  • Internal, external
  • Solid support base of 340cm2 for a better distribution of the weight supporting 1.5 tonnes of point pressure
  • slope compensating to 6%
  • Height adjustment from the top
  • Adjustable supports with wide excursion of available heights, without the need to add an extension element
  • The solid and blunt base impedes the incision of the underlaying membrane subject to loads
  • Noise-proof rubber integrates with the head
  • A system of draining holes and canalizations impedes the stagnation of water in every part of the support
  • All the support is made of recyclable plastic materials


  • High quality recycle plastic
  • Variable sizing with a full integrated unit
  • Fixed and self levelling through the use of the patented O ring design
  • Adjustment key for height adjustment
  • Support base providing 340cm of weight distribution 3 tonnes of point pressure capability

click here to download PP Level Duo tech sheet